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Co-Founder Lindsey Krinks Reflects on 14 Years of OTN

This year marks the 14th anniversary of Open Table Nashville. Our work began in the aftermath of the 2010 flood. When we started, we made a promise to our friends on the streets that we wouldn’t abandon them, and we’ve been living out that promise ever since. 

We couldn’t carry out this commitment, however, without the support and solidarity from community members like you who have joined us on this journey. 

Together, we’ve helped over 1,000 people move from the streets into permanent housing, we’ve become statewide leaders in advocacy and policy change, and we’ve equipped thousands of community members to better understand and engage in issues of homelessness. 

Together, we’ve organized campsite defenses and move-ins and tended broken feet and broken systems. We’ve delivered winter supplies on the coldest nights and distributed cool water on the hottest days. We’ve helped organize rallies at City Hall, the State Capitol, and the U.S. Supreme Court building. We’ve testified in committees, met with elected officials, marched for change, and risked arrest with our friends.

Despite such incredible work, we still have a long way to go. Homelessness among older adults, families, and youth is on the rise. Our city and state are mired in a deepening housing crisis. Nonprofits like us are facing financial uncertainty, and there is unprecedented violence and displacement across the globe. 

If Open Table Nashville is going to make it another 14+ years, we need you. We need you to lean into solidarity with us so we can continue to not only make a dent in homelessness, but disrupt and transform the cycles that keep people on the streets.

We are asking you to consider making a financial contribution today. Investing in our mission in this way allows us to continue to make an impact in the Nashville community. You can partner with us by making a one time donation or by joining our dedicated group of monthly donors.

As we commemorate our anniversary, we invite you to lean in with us so we can continue to provide housing, healing, and hope for our friends on the streets. We are so grateful for your continued support. Thanks for being at the table with us! 


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